The National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (NAPALSA) was founded in 1981 and is the first and oldest national Asian Pacific American law organization. NAPALSA was founded to promote education, leadership, community awareness/service, communication and interaction amongst the various Asian Pacific American law students across the country and represent their interests. By organizing nationally, they are able to promote communication and networking between chapters across the country. They are developing an alumni database to promote communication & networking for the benefit of their former and future members. This website serves as one of their primary means to accomplish these objectives thus, please sign onto their mailing list and encourage other students/alumni to do so as well.

Since 1981, NAPALSA has hosted an Annual National Conference on Law & Public Policy for their membership, alumni, the legal community and the Asian Pacific American community. As future attorneys, we recognize the responsibility and leadership roles we may likely have in the Asian Pacific American community and thus, the importance of fostering and developing future leaders who will care about, support and understand the history and concerns of the APA community.

The annual conference provides a unique opportunity for participants to discuss legal issues and public policies affecting their communities as well as the opportunity for member chapters to establish ties with each other and network for the future. In keeping with their commitment to developing responsible & effective future leaders for the APA community, we have partnered with LEAP, Inc. to conduct leadership training for the personal & professional development of their national/chapter officers and conference attendees. Each year, NAPALSA invites prominent Asian Pacific American leaders for panel discussions and small group seminars. The speakers are selected on the basis of their professional achievements as well as their dedication to the Asian Pacific American community.

The following missions guide the purpose and function of NAPALSA:

  • To educate, represent and advocate on a national level in the interests of APA law students and Asian Pacific Americans in America;
  • To educate & promote a deeper understanding of the political, financial, social and historical role, contributions, and status of Asian Pacific Americans in America;
  • To encourage participation, leadership and community service amongst Asian Pacific Americans;
  • To serve as a national network of communication among the APA law student community for fostering the exchange of ideas and information;
  • To provide an opportunity for fellowship among its members and broaden career development opportunities for APA law students;
  • To encourage cooperation with other organizations of minority law students and undergraduate APA student organizations;
  • To facilitate mutual education & support through the creation and maintenance of a national network of NAPALSA Chapters; and
  • To inspire students, law students and legal professionals to serve the interests and aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans and other under-represented peoples.

This website is NOT owned by, is NOT sponsored by and is NOT affiliated with the National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association, or any related organization.